Camp Wirribara

Camp Facilities

Camp Wirribara has large kitchen and dining hall, two large sleep cabins with separate rooms for leaders, one small meeting/sleeping cabin, indoor male and female washrooms, and kybos.

All buildings are equipped with propane heaters, and both propane and electric lights. Electricity can be provided by generator. A sandy beach with two docks form a swimming area.

Although enough area is cleared out for some 30 tents with six fire pits, space abounds for many more. A large cleared field exists nearby along with many trails and lakes in the area.

Wirribara is a great place for a base camp from which to do overnight hikes. Camp is available year round, though during the winter months the last nine km is accessible by snowmobile only.

Hards Hall, near the water's edge, consists of a mess hall and a kitchen equipped with a propane grill, fridge and water heater. The mess is furnished with six tables and 50 folding chairs.

At meal times the mess hall can accommodate 40 hungry campers, or diners may choose to eat outside on a 480-square-foot deck. The deck offers a beautiful view of the lake. The Crow's Nest, a large gazebo, also offers a view of the lake, and a covered area for outdoor activities.

Slightly up the hill away from the water are two bunkhouses, Pine Needle Shanty and Sleepy Hollow, with a total of 50 bunks. Each has a bedroom equipped with two beds, and the lower bunkhouse, Sleepy Hollow, has an annex furnished with four bunks. These are ideal for leaders' quarters.

The upper bunkhouse, Pine Needle Shanty, is connected to the washroom by a deck. The washroom is divided into two sections (male and female), and equipped with five flush toilets, six wash basins and two showers.

Lake water is filtered and passed through a UV sterilizing unit. The water is then supplied to the washrooms and the kitchen. The system is approved by the North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit.

BP House is a two-bedroom cottage situated across the road from the main camp. It is furnished with a propane range, kitchen table and chairs, as well as a sofa and two armchairs in the living room and bunks in the bedrooms.